This is where I do all of my creative writing, composing pieces out of the many thoughts and ideas always swirling around in my brain. I love to write about faith and psychology and the relationship between the two, mental health, social and racial justice, and everything I’m continually learning about in this hard and beautiful life. I’m glad you’re here.

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Emotional Intelligence & Anti-Racism

I’m back on the blog today with some THOUGHTS, so in the spirit of staying on-brand with myself let’s skip the small talk and jump right in. I’ve been doing anti-racism work for several years now and definitely have lots of thoughts and opinions and feelings about it all swirling around in my head on a daily basis. As a white woman in an interracial marriage it’s been critical work that I’ve committed to largely in part because the man I love is not white and does not look like me, and because of the systems and policies our country…

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Of Nature & Nurture

The gentle rush of a stream fills my ears. I’m in a vast landscape of towering trees, deep emerald leaves stretch up and out as far as I can see. The shade blocks out almost all of the sunlight. It’s dark. My skin chills. I think I’ve been here for a while. Months, maybe even years. I opened my eyes one day and found myself completely surrounded by a thick forest of unknowns, so thick and dark I can hardly see through it. I feel like I’m wandering all around a Hunger Games-like arena. There is no way to get…

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From Knowing to Growing

I suck at keeping plants alive. My hopes for having modern décor in our apartment with those fresh touches of green will sadly never be fulfilled. You’ve seen the photos: interior designers and aspiring trendy decorators have their cute succulents sitting on their desks, tall and erect snake plants in their mid-century modern planters, fiddle leaf fig trees occupying an entire corner of their living room, maybe a nice herb garden in a window sill. You know the ones.

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When Feeling

Feelings. I liken them to a big, chunky, warm, knit blanket that has been interwoven with barbed wire. They are cozy and comforting; simultaneously they are sharp and painful. They’re like a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with sparkly lights and colorful ornaments. Be wary of getting too close though, lest you risk getting poked by the unforgiving pine needles. They’re awkward, like that moment at the beach or pool when you take off your regular clothes and your swimsuit becomes your regular clothing for a while.

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Here Together

These past two months have sucked. I haven’t wanted to write. I haven’t felt inspired to write. I haven’t believed I am worthy of writing. My creative spark has been dormant. In the past several weeks it has felt like all the bad, sad, and hard things have been happening. There has been the agonizing loss of a family member. Unpredictable depression. My brain is constantly trudging through each day, grasping with all its might to hold on to what is true and fighting to rid itself of shame, false guilt, and outright lies. It has been an all-day, everyday…

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Being Alive

Life is so hard. Life is so beautiful. I see it every day. I feel it every day. Life is so hard because we’re coming out of a season that is so easy to view as one big loss. When I look back and see nearness to family and friends that ended, a job that didn’t work out, and hope that was lost, my human flesh automatically declares it bad. One big loss. Time that we’ll never get back.

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