Already, but Not Yet

If you have ever been in a season of transition in your life of any sort, you probably understand the feeling when the change is already here, but still not yet at the same time. Transitioning can be, well, awkward until the transition actually happens. There is tension between the anticipation and the importance of living for today and enjoying the journey and being present. We are living in that season right now as we’re preparing for our move, and I for one am glad that it’s just that: a season.

We are already moving to Florida.

Last month we flew to Orlando to spend Easter weekend in Lake Nona and lead worship for Thrive’s Easter services. The church invited us to come that weekend as kind of a preview for the congregation of what is to come in the area of worship. On Saturday Lake Nona had their annual “Pig Run,” which is a 5k fun run/walk with the coolest twist ever: there are stations set throughout the race route with DOUGHNUTS. For every doughnut you eat, you knock fifteen seconds off of your race time. Funds raised from the run went towards helping children with cancer. We spent Saturday morning at the run with the Cruzes and the Thrive truck cheering on the runners and playing pump-up music for them.

Pig Run

Another thing we got to do on Saturday was apartment hunt. We spent the entire afternoon going to as many apartments and getting as much information as we could, because that was the last weekend we’d be in Lake Nona before actually moving there. We found a community that we fell in love with and have nailed down an apartment that we’ll call home in May!

Easter morning was wonderful. We got to see several familiar faces at the church and meet new people as well. New and newer relationships are being built, and I was reminded of the love of Jesus through the overflowing graciousness and generosity of those people towards Lauro and myself. I have no doubt that there will be help for us when we need it through the people at Thrive, and I praise Jesus for that.

Thrive had the cutest photo booth set up for Easter, so of course we had to snag a picture!

We are not yet moving to Florida.

We’re still living in Joplin, working our jobs, and Lauro’s still taking classes. We see our church family twice a week and are soaking up serving alongside them as much as we can. It’s been business as usual, except there is the whole added factor that we will move across the country in less than a month, adding a very large to-do list to our schedules. We have had to slowly start saying goodbye to people we know we won’t see before the move, and we know that it’s only the beginning.

Despite the awkward tension we’ve been living in, God has absolutely been working and moving and providing in our season of waiting. He’s provided us with an awesome place to live in Lake Nona. Fundraising efforts are starting to come together. Even the incredible support of our family and friends is a huge blessing from God. Yes, there have been times when things haven’t lined up exactly how we wanted them to, or happened too fast, too slow, or not at all. It’s then that we find peace in our God who has a greater plan and purpose than our plans and desires. We are confident that He who has called us to this place will not abandon us because that’s just not who He is.

So here we are, neither here nor there it sometimes seems. Waiting and anticipating. Ready, but not ready. Ecstatic, but saddened. Already, but not yet.

Will you continue to pray for us as we live in this season?

  • I’m still searching for a full time job in Lake Nona. Pray that I will be obedient to serving in whatever job God provides for me.
  • Pray for our move that will begin on the 29th of this month. It will be a two day, eighteen hour drive from Joplin to Lake Nona. Prayers for our safety and our sanity are greatly appreciated.
  • Pray for our churches as we transition out of one and into the other. The relationships in each one mean so much to us, and we will always be thankful for the love they’ve shown us.
  • Pray for our fundraising. This month we have a few fundraising efforts happening that will be a huge part of raising our $6,000 by May 28. Pray that we will continue to trust in our God as the ultimate provider.

Support letters have been sent out! If you would like to know more about the vision of Thrive Church, the community of Lake Nona, or how you can partner with us, please contact me and I will get one of these letters to you! If you are interested in supporting us financially, please see the “Giving” tab at the top menu or visit our donation page through Orchard Group here.


Author: Rebecca Soto

Lover of all things Jesus, ice cream, and coffee. Wife, dog mom, writer, and disciple maker. Follow our journey from Kansas > Missouri > Florida.

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